• 2016.06.06

    Jurczok 1001 eröffnet am 09.06.2016 die Manifesta in Zürich

    How to Waste Time
    9. 6. – 4. 8. 2016
    Opening with A.C.Kupper & Jurczok 1001

    What do people without money? During eight weeks we are inviting you to waste some time together with us.

    Our program explores practices, which (apparently) in our society have no economic value. In the economic heart of the city we create a platform that is inspired by the trading floors of the Zurich stock exchange, before being overtaken by the digital wave.

    Every week there will be a new artist introduced.

    Stay tuned.

    Curated by Nele Dechmann & Nicola Ruffo
    Plattform by Katrin Murbach & Fabian Jaggi

    Kurt Guggenheim Anlage, Bürkliplatz Zürich

    More Infomation on www.kunstvereinzuerich.ch
    The Project is financially supported by Manifesta 11
    In Cooperation with Strauhof and Gessnerallee Zürich