• 2016.10.31

    Ziel war es, ein Grundkonzept zu entwerfen um interdisziplinär Kunst- und Kulturschaffende zu vernetzen und ausgewählten Künstlern eine entsprechende, internationale Plattform zu bieten.
    In Martin Heller fand Sound Development den geeigneten Partner, die Idee - mit öffentlicher Ausschreibung - einzukreisen und zu entwickeln.
    Das Projekt Sound Development City wurde konkret.

    2012 fand SDC in den Städten Berlin, London und Zürich das erste Mal statt.
    Seither wurde Sound Development City jährlich, jeweils in zwei unterschiedlichen Städten, durchgeführt. Die Anzahl der Bewerber stieg von ca. 200 auf über 500. Die Auswahl auf 12-15 adäquate Teilnehmer zu reduzieren war eine Herausforderung, die dank einer Jury im Sinne von Sound Development gelang.
    Zu jeder der dreiwöchigen Expedition wurden die Künstler und ihr Projekte professionell und zwischenmenschlich von Team der Heller Enterprises und SD begleitet.

    Während fünf Jahren und internationalen Expeditionen konnte Sound Development und Heller Enterprises zahlreichen Künstlern neue Wege aufzeigen und Kontakte entstehen lassen.
    Das Projekt möchten wir nun, mit der Expedition 2016 nach Madrid und Casablanca, seitens Sound Development abschliessen.
    Wir schauen zurück auf eine bereichernde Zeit, feine Begegnungen, aussergewöhnliche Projekte – und bedanken uns bei allen Beteiligten, die zum Charakter und nachhaltigen Erfolg von Sound Development City beigetragen haben.
    Ein besonderer Dank gilt Heller Enterprises, namentlich Martin Heller, Gesa Schneider, Nicholas Schärer, Andalus Christian Liniger - und der Projektleiterin Duscha Kistler, ohne deren Engagement das Projekt in dieser Form nicht denkbar gewesen wäre.

    Gina Nia Schmidheiny | Gabriel Bachmann und das Team von Sound Development
    Andreas Oliver Finke, Gianmarco Marchetta, May Truong, Jessika Hebeisen, Alexander Pablo Wildi, Philipp Cron, Steven Gugerli.

    Zürich, 12. Oktober 2016

    The aim was to create a basis concept in order to combine the disciplines of art and culture and offer selected artists a fitting international platform.
    In Martin Heller, Sound Development found the ideal partner to crystallise and develop the idea, by means of a call for projects.
    The Project Sound Development City was born.

    In 2012 SDC took place in the cities of Berlin, London and Zurich.
    Since then, Sound Development City has taken place annually, each year in two different cities. The number of applicants has risen from around 200 to more than 500. Reducing the selection to 12-15 suitable participants was a challenge that was met by a Sound Development City jury. On each of the three week-long expeditions, the artists and their projects had the professional and personal support of the Heller Enterprises team and SD.

    Over five years and international expeditions, Sound Development and Heller Enterprises have helped countless artists to find new directions and establish new contacts.
    Now we intend to bring the project to an end with the 2016 SDC expedition to Madrid and Casablanca.
    We can look back on a rewarding time, great encounters, remarkable projects and thank all the participants who have contributed to the nature and lasting success of Sound Development City.
    Particular thanks go to Heller Enterprises, in particular Martin Heller, Gesa Schneider, Nicholas Schärer, Andalus Christian Liniger – and the project leader Duscha Kistler, without whose commitment the project in this form would not have been possible.

    Gina Nia Schmidheiny ᅵ Gabriel Bachmann and the Sound Development team
    Andreas Oliver Finke, Gianmarco Marchetta, May Truong, Jessika Hebeisen, Alexander Pablo Wildi, Philipp Cron, Steven Gugerli.

    Zurich, 12. October 2016

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    While working in Casablanca, we had the pleasure to be accompanied, watched and documented by the photographer Zakaria Ait Wakrim. He created these "Artist Series" out of the material collected.

    More of Zakaria Wakrim: http://zakariawakrim.com/
    While working in Casablanca, we had the pleasure to be accompanied, watched and documented by the photographer @[100005837612854:2048:Zakaria Ait Wakrim]. He created these "Artist Series" out of the material collected. More of Zakaria Wakrim: http://zakariawakrim.com/ #sounddevelopmentnews

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    PLAYLIST: Sound Development City Artist Talks 2016, #1 - 10.
    During the course of the 3-week expedition, we interviewed the participating artists for our online radio, the Gap Station. The talks are available as podcasts that revolve around the artists' projects, their explorations and further endeavurs.



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    Sound Development City has now officially "taken place" for the 5th time. We started out in #Madrid on September 6th and started saying goodbye on September 25th in #Casablanca.
    Our "Discoveries, In-Betweens and Some Conclusions" were shared on Saturday with collaborators, friends, followers, guests and alumni. The presentations gave insights into the artists' projects, the paths they took, the questions raised and somethimes also the decisions made. But still — this moment is nothing but another beginning: towards the continuation / transformation of the projects, the refelction of experiences made, and most of all: the newly created networks between the artists, and also the local communities.

    Our journey to and through our 2nd expedition city, Casablanca, wouldn't have been possible withouth the insights, advice and never-ending support of Imane Barakat, Sofiane Benkhassala and Zakaria Ait Wakrim. Also, we thank La parallele for sharing their beautiful space with us, Le Vertigo for letting us bring music to their stage and sharing the last dance, Boultek, Centre de musiques actuelles for hosting the Café Europa, Casa Mémoire for the insights and Hotel Central for the view.

    We will be publishing more images, audio, and texts soon — here, and on the project's website www.sound-development-city.com

    The Sound Development City 2016 artists are:
    — Dan Allon
    — Vincent Charlebois
    — Bernadette La Hengst
    — Sasha Kurmaz
    — Ari-Pekka Leinonen
    — Brent Meistre
    — Luka + Jela (Jelena Mijic)
    — Agnieszka Pędziwiatr + Rafał Pierzyński
    — Youmna Saba
    — Chris Wood


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    The journey from #Madrid to #Casablanca took the Sound Development City artists through Granada, Sevilla, Cadiz, Caños de Meca, Algeciras, Tarifa, Ceuta, Tanger, Féz, Arzila — to forrests, monuments, stranger's homes and kitchens. We have now touched down in Casablanca. The project work continues — glimpes can be caught soon. These and other stories can be found on the project's website: http://sound-development-city.com/


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    Open endings.The moment has come to move on, to hold on to thoughts in the making, and give unprocessed impressions space to unfold. The Sound Development City 2016 artists an the team have left #Madrid, our first expedition city, towards #Casablanca, where everyone will arrive on Saturday, September 17, and continue working on the individual projects until September 24.

    The first 8 days of the expedition were spent in Madrid, a city that welcomed us most warmly and gave us the chance to explore the project ideas and put them to the test both for ourselves, and for a public to observe and challenge. Thank you for taking your time to meet us jump into the artists' processes by joining our workshops, events and performances.

    All of this wouldn't have been possible without the huge support and coordination by Cristina Anglada and Ana Martínez Fernández. THANK YOU!

    Also, we would like to thank Ramón Mateos for letting us use Nadie Nunca Nada No as our headquarters. Juan Gómez Alemán for hosting DIVAS' project at La JUAN Gallery. Julio Cubillos for opening the gates of La Tabacalera and printing the #sdc2016 bags. Lucia Casani and her team for the most valuable support at La Casa Encendida. And Enrique Borrajeros for making Bernadette La Hengst and Dan Allon's recording session at Fantompower studio possible.

    Thank you to Raisa Maudit and Zony Gómez of Storm AndDrunk Espacio, our jury member Gema Melgar of Matadero Madrid, and Manuel Segade of CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo who took their time to talk to us about Madrid, the creative scene and its' potential and needs — the results will be aired on our online radio Gap Station soon.

    And, last but definitely not least, Jonay PMatos / Afay Mg followed us through this intense phase of exploration in the city and documented the individual journeys. Some of his photos are in the SDC2016 Madrid album re-posted hereby. Thanks to Jonay, it's been more than great!

    We hope that Ari-Pekka Leinonen's Friend — professor of time — can twist and turn things for us, that we can continue to grow the network and newly-found friendships. See you around!